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But the great dramatists gave their stories a life, a passion, a breadth and fullness which is far removed from that of their sources. 5. For obvious reasons of convenience and of economy the greater part of the Indian circulation must continue in any case to consist of rupees. “Who […]

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nc rebate advance cash settlement. About the reality of her engrossed interest in all the stages of progress by which these greenhouses became crowded museums of the unusual and abnormal in plant-life, it was impossible to have any suspicion. But Kate sat in that pretty room, and thought out there […]

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Frank Algernon Cowperwood for nearly ten years. Cowperwood marveled, not at Lane Cross’s art nor his shawls, but at this world in which Stephanie moved. And now I must be off. But they do not seem to have perceived that, in so far as the Government took securities or accepted […]

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The professional selling was now accompanied by rumors on the Curb which spread like the smell of fire that trouble of some dire sort was pending for the Scheftels company. The explanation seemed wholly acceptable to Tavender. I know that it sounds well to ask for it–as far as that […]

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In every time of crisis or difficulty in the nation’s history, from the War of Independence to the present European War, financiers have given striking proof of their devotion of the public weal, and they may be depended upon to do so whenever and howsoever called upon. Well, now, I’ll […]

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Thorpe’s fancy pictured this detective as a momentarily actual presence–tall, lean, cold-eyed, mysteriously calm and fatally wise, the omniscient terror of the magazine short-stories. I’ve got a plan. His street-car investments, aggregating fifty thousand, were paying six per cent. Interestingly, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) require that “interest during […]

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The use of e-mail and broadband connections by the general population is spreading. “But what about your own soul?” “I haven’t got one,” I said. “I don’t know. As in the case of Waterman & Company, he sized up these men shrewdly, judging some to be weak, some foolish, some […]

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The banner of the House of Lords has been flung out over the sons and grandsons of the men who shook all England in the struggle for the great Reform Bill; and while old injustice has but been replaced by new, while the miseries and the privations of the poor […]

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ei payday loans. You see for yourself, I should think now, that it isn’t healthy up this river, and all the cargo in Africa is no use to a man if he can’t get it shipped when he comes to the beach where it’s stored. 3. Poor fellow, he thought […]

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Or, supposing two or three, or possibly the half of them, hit upon a lode, clearly these several operations will proportionally be more remunerative still. The stranger within your gates is protected just because he is within your gates, and you throw your protection about him, as is indeed your […]